The work that is produced in an atelier goes well beyond the work that is published. From the modelling of the problem that is to be solved until its development and finally materialization and publication – whether for a buiding or for retail, an equipemtn, an exhibition, a newspaper, a logo or a website – there is a path to make that starts with research (always necessary to start any job) until the conceptual meaning that gives the final and decisive shape to the work that is going to be produced and, at last, achieved.


This path is fundamental to the creative work. It is characterized by delirium, experimentation, and wanderings until the moment when form and content acquire meaning on the final purpose of each challenge.

Some of this work isn't produced either because the programme was altered half way through the creative proess and demanded the search for another solution or simply because the creative drift explored several paths whose quality justifies its publication.


This is the purpose of the experimental zone. It is creative work, with the conceptual quality that we understand to be important to publish because it also defines us and communicates about us.


We are grateful to all clients that trust and have trusted and proposed challenges to us. With them we have built the team that we are today, we tested ourselves, learned and evolved thanks to problems that we were called into solving and to their demands on the resolution of these problems.